Specializing in new and used direct mail equipment, production tabbing equipment, and variable data UV inkjet printing.

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We offer new mailing equipment, used mailing equipment, and rebuilt and reconditioned mailing equipment for sale. Mailing equipment from such manufacturers as Bell & Howell, Pitney Bowes, Scitex, Kirk Rudy, Sure-feed, Mailcrafter, Hasler, and many more. We carry in stock Inserters, Sorters, Tabbers, Strappers, Inkjets, Folders, Cutters, Production Tabbing Equipment and many other mailroom products.

Our Mailing Equipment and Featured Products

  • The 438 Smart Feeder/Folder is the highest quality intelligent feeder/folder system in the mail industry. Utilizing a heavy-duty folder with polyurethane/steel rollers, the 438 is designed for maximum...
  • The Unwinder UW6 and the Rewinder RW6.
     The dynamic unwind module from the latest POPP6 series is especially suitable for flexible, high-performance use. Easy handling, thanks to automated loop control...
  • Videojet's Cheshire TLS (Tab, Label, Stamp) System has been designed to provide the busy mailing professional superior performance for tabbing, labeling and stamp applications. From the caster-enabled...
  • UW6 Unwinder, the Cutter CS6-I single blade, the Offset module SE6, the Stacker module LS6 and the TB6 output conveyor.
    The dynamic unwind module from the latest POPP6 series is especially suitable for...
    Digital Mailing System for use with insertersHeight Speed Envelope Printer15 inch touch screen PCRugged 24/7 DependabilityeSmart-Mail SoftwarePostage AccountingData Consolidation with eSmart-Mail Manager
  • STI-CLASSIC SERIES Feeder/AccumulatorSTI- Folder with Sound CoversPLC Control Module12 inch touch screen monitorBCR Reader
  • 2007 Model
    Servo Drive feeders
    6 station base
    4 friction feeders
    2 Rotary feeders
    Up to 10x13 inserting capabilities
    Low clicks Excellent condition
    19964 StationRefurbished6Ft. Conveyor
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