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  1. eSmart-Mail
  2. CASS Application Installed Optional
  3. Presort Application Installed Optional
  4. Postage Accounting with full Reporting
  5. Internet Data Transfer
  6. Internet Postage Loading
  7. Connects to eSmart-Mail Manager
  8. Mail metering, manifesting and permits
  9. Send-to address and return address
  10. Full address database
  11. Intelligent Mail Barcode
  12. Tracking
  13. May qualify for commercial rate discounts and other USPS money saving programs
  14. Electronic Delivery and Signature confirmation
  15. Customs forms
  16. Certified Mail forms
  17. Printing of 3877 Firm Mailer book including E-Certified


  1. Mailing Machine with Weigh in Motion and Static Weighing Capabilities
  2. All-in-One Computer with 15" Color, touch-screen for ease of use and increased efficiency
  3. Optional built in Addressing Machine
  4. Optional Power Stacker
  5. Label Printer that prints meter tapes and 4x6 USPS shipping labels
  6. Built in Sealer
  7. Larger, high-capacity, stainless steel feed deck for letters and flats up to 5/8" thick
  8. Complete, multi-level accounting by account, job, and class, as well as user configurable sub-accounts for attorney-client matter
  9. Batch-mail processing speeds in excess of 11,000 pieces-per-hour
  10. 70 lb. Scale with Shape-Based measurement sensors and a built-in, non-dedicated computer for any other mail center applications



1285 Baring Blvd, Suite 162
Sparks, Nevada 89434
Phone: (916) 337-0716
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