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GBR 420T Smart Feeder/Folder

The GBR 420T Smart Feeder/Folder, the premier folder of the mail industry, with installations worldwide, offers an economical and versatile solution to personalizing and inserting mail. At a speed of up to 30,000 documents per hour, the 420T reads a wide variety of optical codes to accurately assembly documents into address-matched sets, up to five for a letter fold and seven pages for a half fold. The address matched sets are then folded for inserting directly into the gripper arm or open feed station of an inserter. With the added features of up to twelve stations of intelligent selection, dual metering with postal weight calculation and divert, envelope suppression and sequential start-up and shut down, it is easy to see why the 420T is the premier intelligent folder for the mailing industry. The 420T can also operate off-line by simply purchasing the off-line conveyor option.

  • High folding capacity, up to five pages for a letter fold, seven pages for a half fold
  • Advanced touch screen for BCR multiple job set-up and recall
  • Up to 30,000 documents per hour
  • Runs on-line with conventional, non-intelligent inserters
  • Up to twelve intelligent station selection
  • Intelligent read systems (OMR, 3 of 9, 128 and 2 of 5 interleaved barcodes)
  • Envelope suppression and sequential start-up and shut down
  • Dual metering with postal weight calculation and divert
  • Operates off-line with conveyor option
  • Cut-sheet or optional continuous form feed
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